Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Smokeless Coal – Seasoned Hardwood Logs

Get Your Home Ready for Christmas With Big K

If you have a fireplace and want to experience the joys of an open fire this season, it is important to stock up on winter fuel products - such as smokeless coal and seasoned hardwood logs well in advance; to keep your home snug and warm throughout the festive period.

A real fire gives your home a magical feel and whether fuelled by smokeless coal or seasoned hardwood logs, creates the perfect backdrop when entertaining friends and generally makes your home feel brighter in the winter months. It is also great for sitting round on Christmas morning, whilst the whole family gather together to open presents.

Fortunately, Big K makes buying winter fuel easy for you, as they are able to deliver their winter fuel products straight to your door. In addition to smokeless coal and seasoned hardwood logs, for the ultimate in convenience this Christmas, Big K supply all your winter fuel needs including house coal, anthracite coal and kindling. Click on the link below to order your smokeless coal and seasoned hardwood logs now.

Smokeless Coal - click here to view our range of products.

Keep Safe This Christmas – Avoid Fire Hazards

Whilst a fireplace looks and feels cosy on Christmas day, it is important to take precautions to prevent against fire.

Many people like to decorate their fireplace with pretty decorations but, if you are doing this, make sure that this area is clear of combustibles as these can get ignited by sparks from the fire and become a hazard.

Instead of placing cards on the mantelpiece, punch holes in the top of the cards and string them up securely with ribbon. It is always best to hang them on the wall away from the fireplace or stand them on a bookshelf or window sill.

If you are playing host to young children at Christmas, never leave your fire unattended while they are in the room. A fireplace screen will prevent sparks escaping and will stop children going near.

While some people are tempted to throw wrapping paper onto the fire, this is potentially dangerous because it can throw off little sparks. Instead, once everyone has opened up their presents, collect up all the wrapping paper and put it in the recycling bin.

Keep candles, lighters and matches out of reach of little fingers and make sure any of these items are not left lying around when children are about. Play it safe at Christmas and use your common sense to avoid fire.

Whether or not you have an open fire, you must ensure that you have a sufficient number of smoke alarms (one on each level) and these should be checked weekly to ensure they are in full working order.

Ideas for Safely Decorating Your Fireplace this Christmas

If you do want to make your fireplace seasonal this Christmas, there are some ways to do this without it being a fire hazard. Put some ornaments on the mantel-piece such as miniature Christmas trees, sleighs or reindeers, to make this part of the home seasonal and festive.

You do not have to overdo your decorations, just two metal trees at either side of the fireplace is a beautiful addition to this area and will provide the perfect complement to a fully decorated tree.

The children, of course, would want to hang their stockings up above the fireplace on Christmas Eve – they will also want to put some rum and some Christmas cake out for Santa. Just make sure that the fire isn’t lit before Santa makes his way down the chimney!

If you are stocking up on seasoned hardwood logs, there are some wonderful and novel ways to store these products, including metal wall hangings that will create a wall feature out of your wood. If you don’t want to make a focal point out of your logs, there are also a variety of attractive metal holders and buckets to store seasoned hardwood logs and smokeless coal. You can even make hints to have one of these for a Christmas gift! Just contact Big K to stock up on your seasoned hardwood logs, smokeless coal and other winter fuel products.

Smokeless Coal - click here to view our range of products.

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