Monday, 7 March 2016

Seasoned Hardwood Logs – The Advantages of Home Delivery

Taking advantage of our home delivery service for Seasoned Hardwood Logs or other winter fuel makes it so much easier to have a regular fire over the winter months. Having logs that have been cut to a convenient size, properly seasoned and of a consistent quality, ready to hand, means you can get a warming fire going quickly whenever you need to heat your home, or simply create a romantic or relaxing atmosphere for the evening. But there are a number of other advantages to getting your firewood delivered...

A Godsend for the Carless

Many Londoners have made a decision not have a car as they can easily get anywhere they need using London transport or by cycling. For travel to work, school and social events this is not a problem – but when it comes to transporting heavy or bulky supplies it can become one. So if you want a roaring fire or if you have a woodburning stove in your London home, a delivery service is more than useful – it’s essential!

Less Lifting and Carrying

Even if you have a car, getting a home delivery means you don’t have to carry bags of logs between the shop and car, and then between car and home. We deliver to your doorstep (or to the main door of a building in the case of apartment buildings), so all you have to do is carry them inside or to your usual place of storage. As well as saving you effort, it could save you several trips in the car, which means less money paid out for petrol, and more time to yourself.

Fewer Trips in Cold Weather

If it’s cold enough to want a fire going then you probably would rather not be turning out in all weathers to fetch firewood. Arranging a winter fuel home delivery means you can stay indoors and keep warm – a luxury for anyone, but especially important for our elderly or housebound customers.

Small Net Bags

Our seasoned hardwood logs are supplied in small net bags, approximately 10kg in weight. This makes them a lot easier to move and store compared to larger bags or pallet loads.

Morning and Afternoon Delivery Slots

When you place an order with us we will let you know which day we will deliver, and whether this will be a morning (8am to 12.30pm), afternoon (12.30pm to 5.30pm) or (sometimes) an evening timeslot (after 5.30pm).

If you are able to plan ahead for your fuel needs you may be able to limit the number of deliveries to just one or two over the winter period – which means less inconvenience to you and fewer road miles for your fuel.

Free Home Delivery

If you live within the M25 and your order is at least £60 in value, we can offer free home delivery, which equates to a very modest quantity (13 bags) of Seasoned Hardwood Logs. This is approximately a month’s supply if you plan to use your fire every evening (1 bag should last for approximately 2 evenings).

If you live outside the M25 the minimum order value for free delivery is a little higher at £100 – which is still only 21 bags of Seasoned Hardwood Logs, or 18 bags of our Premium Kiln Dry Hardwood Logs.

We deliver to all areas of London and to many other parts of England and Wales as well. You can easily check if we can deliver to you by using our postcode checker, which is on every page of our site. Just enter your postcode and we’ll let you know whether we can deliver to your area. And, when you place an order, we will check your postcode at the start of the ordering process, just to make sure.

Not Just Logs

As well as our seasoned logs we deliver the full range of our winter fuel products including kiln dry logs, heat logs and kindling wood, as well as solid fuels such as charcoal briquettes, smokeless coal, and paraffin (for paraffin heaters). We can also bring along handy fire lighting accessories such as big matches, firelighters and chimney cleaners.

To order, just visit our site, head to the Winter Fuel section and select Logs and Wood to see our firewood products. Just enter the quantities you need and click “Buy Now” for the products you want. Before you check out, your order summary will show whether your order reaches the minimum value for free delivery. We accept Visa or Mastercard credit cards as payment.

Seasoned Hardwood Logs Home Delivery – Order your winter fuel supplies today.

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