Thursday, 12 January 2017

Getting Your Fireplace Ready for Winter

When the first cold snap of the winter sets in, you want to be sure you can enjoy the warmth and cosiness of a roaring fire, whether it is a smokeless coal fire or uses more traditional seasoned hardwood logs.

Carrying out a few maintenance tasks now will mean save time in the long run and will also ensure your fire will burn safely and efficiently. Here is Big K’s guide to a few simple steps you can take to get your fireplace ready for winter.

Safety First

The first step is to carry out your own inspection of the fireplace. Make sure the grate is clear of any ash and embers from the last time you used it. Check for any damage, such as cracks, and any draughts which might indicate a problem. The flue, which allows smoke to move through the chimney, and the damper, which regulates the airflow, are worth particular attention.

Remember to look at the outside as well as the inside, and particularly for birds flying in and out of the chimney. Their nests can easily cause a harmful build-up of gases.

You should also make sure you have enough smoke alarms and they are all working properly. Now is the ideal time to fit new batteries. CO2 alarms will help detect carbon monoxide which might indicate problems with your fireplace’s airflow. Make sure you use a fire guard, and check you haven't added anything to your lounge which might represent a fire risk, such as a piece of furniture which could be hit by a stray spark.

Get the Chimney Swept

Chimneys should be swept once a year by a qualified expert, and ideally well before the beginning of winter. You should mention any potential problems you have identified from your own inspection; they should be able to advise you on any remedial work which needs to be carried out. Carrying out checks early will give you more time to fit in any remedial work.

Once the fire-lighting season is in full swing, you can use chimney cleaning logs, which will help keep the level of harmful deposits down. Big K supply Chim Clean chimney cleaning logs which come with an insurance guarantee.

Stock Up on Fuel

To be sure of having enough fuel when you want it, it's a good idea to order your supplies well in advance. You should also check you have enough firelighters as well. If you do run low, however, we can deliver within 7 working days within the M25 in the London area or, outside London, 5 working days outside the M25.

You also need to find a safe place to store your fuel. Before stocking up, it’s advisable to clean out your storage space, and make sure it is waterproof. Dry wood burns more efficiently and slows down the build-up of soot and other deposits.

Big K supply a wide range of fuel and lighters. If you live in a smoke control area, we can provide smokeless coal for your fire; we also stock house coal for homes not in smoke control areas. We also provide seasoned hardwood and softwood logs, kindling and instant lighting products.

To find out more about the Big K range of winter fuel products, click above.

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