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Seasoned Hardwood Logs: Enjoy All The Benefits of a Real Log Fire This Autumn

When autumn arrives, it is time to gather your seasoned hardwood logs by the fireside and cosy up in front of a real log fire. A crackling log fire has a wonderful, homely appeal and whether you have a town house, or a country cottage, it sets the atmosphere and makes your home snug and warm when the temperature drops.
If you have an open hearth, it is important to be prepared well in advance of any cold spell and stock up on all you need to create the perfect log fire including seasoned hardwood logs. Big K sell a wide range of products for wood burning stoves, open fires and other appliances and these products include seasoned hardwood logs such as beech, ash, elder and lime wood sold in easy to store polythene nets.

We also sell a wide range of other winter fuel products for home delivery including smoke free fuel, smoke free coal, anthracite, house coal, instant lighting fuel, kindling, paraffin, firelighters and matches.

Gathering in front of a log fire on a cold winter night is a real treat. Here we shall consider all the benefits of using your open fire this winter and look at the advantages of using seasoned hardwood logs.

Seasoned Hardwood Logs - click here to view our range of products.

Cosy up with a Real Log Fire: The Benefits

Cheaper Than Other Fuel Alternatives – Log fires are cheaper than other forms of heating the home and the room heats up relatively quickly and stays warm and snug until the fire dies out. Seasoned hardwood logs in particular are a great way of keeping the house warm as they burn hotter than non-seasoned logs and are more fuel efficient than freshly cut logs.
Creates A Focal Point – Nothing beats a roaring log fire to warm your interior on chilly autumn and winter evenings. It is also very sociable as you will find it attracts all the family together in one room to take part in an individual hobby such as reading, or family activities such as board games or simply watching a film together.

Mood Enhancing – When it is cold and dark outside, sitting around a log fire is both cheering and relaxing, whatever the outdoor conditions.

Colourful – Real log fires are cosy and colourful and there is something magical about watching the flames crackle in the fireplace. It creates a mesmerising soft glow of red, yellows and ambers and is a joy to watch.

Creates Light – As fire creates light, in the unfortunate event of a power cut in your region, you can still benefit from the glow created by the flames. So there is no need to scrabble around for the candles! Or simply turn off the electric lights and enjoy the firelight.

Eco-friendly – Log fires reduce the need for reliance on fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas. It also encourages responsible forestry through the sustainable management of forests. As logs are readily available in the UK, they don’t have to be shipped in from other countries, so by ordering seasoned firewood logs from a UK based company such as Big K, it helps cut down on your carbon footprint.

Cooking – You can even cook on your fireplace and make it a family activity. Although do take care and proceed with absolute caution if you intend to do this and make sure that only responsible adults undertake this task. Chestnuts or marshmallows roasted on an open fire are simply delicious!

Top Tips for Autumn

If you are thinking of using your log fire this autumn, here are a few things to bear in mind:
It is always best to stock up on fuel well in advance and one way to do this is by ordering your seasoned firewood logs from Big K as soon as you can. Being prepared means you can light your fire whenever you need to as you will always have the right products to hand.

Choose logs that you can light quickly and easily. Seasoned firewood logs have been ready cut and stored for about a year and this reduces the water content of the wood – this means the logs burn easier and are more efficient than freshly cut logs.

When it comes to lighting a fire, take extra care. Don’t leave children or pets unattended once the fire is lit. And use a metal screen in front of the fireplace to prevent sparks jumping out.

 Never get rid of hot ashes either inside or near the home, as they can present a fire risk. Instead, put them in a metal container and take it outside, away from the house. Other precautions to take are to make sure your chimney is kept clean and inspected regularly by a professional, and to always ensure that your smoke alarm is in full working order.

About Big K

Our Big K winter fuel products, including seasoned firewood logs, smokeless coal, house coal, anthracite, quick burning fuel products, matches and kindling are available for nationwide home delivery.

Seasoned Hardwood Logs - click here to view our range of products

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