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Winter Fuel Home Delivery – Five Top Trends in Fireplace Surrounds

Winter Fuel Home Delivery – Five Top Trends in Fireplace Surrounds

With the evenings getting colder now is a good time to organise your winter fuel home delivery. Big K have a wide choice of winter fuel options including seasoned hard wood, anthracite coal, wood burning logs and kindling, which can be delivered to your door for your convenience.

An open fire not only feels cosy, but as the focal point of your living room it is important that your fire surround fits in well with your existing decor - as this can make or break the look of this space.

Some surrounds look tired and dated and could do with being replaced by a modern centrepiece. Or, if you have a period property with a fire surround that was ripped out in the 1950s and 60s, and the fireplace boarded up, it may be time to go back to basics and get your open fire back in use.

From stainless steel options to reclaimed wood, marble and stone, there are materials and designs to suit almost any style of home. The right choice not only looks spectacular but will bring your whole interior to life. Here, Big K takes a look at five top trends in fireplace surrounds:

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Meanwhile, if you are updating your home and installing a new fireplace, or making use of an old one, organising winter fuel home delivery is a great timesaver as we come to you. So, you will have everything you need to keep you warm this winter, without even having to leave your home.

Top Trends in Fireplace Surrounds for 2014

Ultra Modern

If you love to be at the forefront of interior design there are a wide range of ultra modern fireplaces that will make your home glow. Fireplaces that are installed in the wall are sleek and contemporary, and look superb even when they are not in use. If you have bought in bulk for your winter fuel home delivery, you can store your wood burning logs in the wall alongside your concealed fireplace so it becomes part of the design, combining a modern feel with a rustic look. If you prefer your fireplace to stand out, there are some chic double-sided fireplaces that make your home feel cosy and your living room look stunning. Choose from brushed metal, steel and glass, or even hanging options that will turn your fireplace into a contemporary work of art.


The last few decades has seen a growing move towards eco-friendly home furnishings, utilities and accessories. Even in fireplace surrounds, there is a trend towards those wanting to salvage old versions to suit their period home. Another option is to choose a fire surround made from reclaimed timber, which means that no trees have been cut down to make it. Solid wood versions suit all properties and blend with almost any colour scheme.

White Surrounds

White fire surrounds are classic, minimalist and timeless, and are unlikely to ever go out of fashion. Whether you want a statement fireplace with an angular white frame, or an all white open fire in the middle of the room, there are some great modern choices to go for. However, if you are looking for a fire surround to fit the shabby chic look, there is a wide choice of decorative fire surrounds that look serene and elegant.

Stone Fireplace

Stone or polished marble fireplaces make a great centrepiece and their history can be traced back to ancient Egyptian or Roman times. They made a grand comeback in the Art Deco period when some amazing sculptural pieces were created. The Art Deco style consisted of strong geometric designs or embellishments, and the movement flourished in the interwar period. Stone and marble fireplaces are still popular today and contemporary designs range from modern and linear to the more elaborate styles that look fantastic in a living room.

Brick Fireplace

Exposed brick fireplaces have been popular for centuries and are often seen in ancient buildings and oak beamed cottages. In fact they have never really gone out of fashion as the exposed brickwork creates an appealing feature. Brick-built fireplaces dominate a room, but give an interior a cosy and rustic feel. If you have just taken stock of your winter fuel home delivery there are many attractive ways to store your fuel near a brick built fireplace, such as in baskets or brass buckets.

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