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Fireplaces to Suit Every Home

Fireplaces to Suit Every Home

A fireplace is on the wish list of many house hunters in the UK, and just as with any other feature, they come in all shapes and sizes. Most traditional fireplaces are against the wall with a fire surround, while some brick built fireplaces are centrally based and act as a room divider, separating a living room from a dining area.

Whether you are moving into a new property, renovating an old one, or building a brand new home, this article looks at some of the most popular types of fireplaces in the UK to give you an idea of what is available. We will also take a brief look at the types of winter fuel to stock up on - so you can enjoy the luxury of a roaring fire during the coldest months of the year.

Big K sell a wide range of winter fuel for home delivery , including seasoned hardwood logs, smokeless fuel, house coal, anthracite coal, firelighters, kindling, and instant lighting products. We also sell free standing and built in pizza ovens that are suitable for most homes. Just click on the above link to buy high quality winter fuel products to be delivered to your door (minimum order value £60).

Traditional Fireplaces - Traditional fireplaces are built into the wall of a sitting room, drawing room, dining room and/or bedroom and are connected to a chimney so the smoke is channelled out of the house.

From the mid-1500s, many homes and cottages had an Inglenook (literally 'chimney corner') which was used for heating, cooking, and warming water for washing and bathing. The fireplace got smaller over time, and most featured a fireplace mantle, often with very ornate and artistic designs. Nowadays, the principle use of the fireplace is to heat a room, and modern mantles are generally understated and are used to display ornaments.

While the fireplaces have changed over time, there is also a greater choice of fuel products. If you have a home fire but live in a designated smokeless fuel zone, Big K’s winter fuel product range includes Smokeless Coal Fire, Instant Lighting Coal Fire and Anthracite Coal, which is a natural smokeless fuel.

Wood Burners - Sleek and elegant, wood burning stoves are a classic living room focal point; they also offer excellent value for money. Many householders who have had a wood burning stove installed said it has drastically cut their gas consumption during winter, with some reporting annual savings of up to £250.

While most stoves installed in smoke controlled areas are prohibited from burning wood, some super efficient, clean burning, modern varieties are allowed. These wood burners are generally more expensive, and you can expect to pay around double the price of a cheaper standard model. As well as wood burners, you can also buy multi-fuel stoves, which enable you to burn either seasoned hardwood or solid fuel products.

Portable Fireplaces – These can be used outside or inside the home, but although these make a fantastic focal point, nothing beats cosying up in front of a real fire. Portable fireplaces come in stylish, modern designs and, as they are small, they are easy to move from one room to another. They usually run on gel and are mainly used for decorative purposes, rather than heat emission.

Fire Pits - On chilly summer nights, a fire pit in the garden can add a real sense of occasion to a social gathering, and many can be decorative features in themselves, usually made of brick or stone and typically circular in shape. The appeal goes back to ancient times, when fires were used for cooking, heating and to ward off dangerous predators. Nowadays, fire pits are used year round for warmth and ambience, particularly on barbecue evenings or when you are entertaining well into the evening. You can burn wood on these, even if you live in a smoke controlled area. Click here to see Big K's range of seasoned hardwood logs for home delivery

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