Monday, 15 December 2014

Ten Ways Fireplaces put the Magic into Christmas

Ever since the introduction of Christmas cards in the Victorian era, the festive season is synonymous with excited children waiting by the hearth to open their presents, and families warming themselves around an open fire. The fireplace is central to the festive season – and even Santa is supposed to arrive down the chimney to hand out carefully wrapped gifts! There’s something magical about a roaring fire, and piling hardwood logs by the hearth in preparation for a frosty morning. Read on to discover ten ways fireplaces put the magic into Christmas.

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Fireplaces Create a Social Atmosphere – Fireplaces provide warmth, and a lit fire is an essential part of the festive season; it is where you, your friends and family gather to play board games, open presents and enjoy a glass of your favourite tipple before Christmas dinner.

It’s Where the Presents are Found – It’s long been a tradition to hang stockings by the fireplace on Christmas Eve (although not when the fire is on) ready to be filled with presents for children – and adults – to open in the morning. Stocking fillers are still popular, in conjunction with gifts under the tree.

A Place to Display Christmas Cards – The mantelpiece is the most obvious place to display your Christmas cards, although a safer option is to hang cards on string around the room, place them on window sills, or fix them to specially designed card holders that can show five or more cards at a time.

Where Santa Finds His Mince Pies – Lots of families leave mince pies and a small glass whisky by the fire for Santa on Christmas Eve. Of course, it makes a refreshing treat for Santa after his journey down the chimney – and you might want to leave a carrot or two out for the reindeer!

It Creates Warmth on Cold Nights – There’s something enchanting about lighting the fire during the festive season. It warms up a room and helps cut down on heating bills too. Just make sure you organise your winter fuel home delivery well in advance through Big K so you have enough for the holiday period.

Extra Lighting at Christmas – Lights and colour from a flickering fire is captivating, especially against a backdrop of a room filled with candlelight, warm lamps and Christmas tree fairy lights.

It Adds Atmosphere – A crackling log fire adds an instant wintery feel and makes Christmas Day special; even more so when there is snow on the ground outside. Home fires also create a relaxing focal point when you want to wind down after all that delicious food!

Provides a Christmas Photo Opportunity – A lit fire creates a number of idyllic photo opportunities, and you might want to use one of these family photos to go on your Christmas cards, this year or next.

Is Reminiscent of Yesteryear – A fireplace conjures up all the charm of bygone years, when the fire was central to the home. It was once a place where food was cooked, kettles were boiled, and children bathed in a tin bath in front of it to keep warm.

Roast Chestnuts and Marshmallows – This is a fun activity for the whole family – although it’s vital to follow the fire safety rules and, of course, never to leave young children or pets unaccompanied by the fire.

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