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Five Inspirational Fireplace Decorating Ideas from Big K

Five Inspirational Fireplace Decorating Ideas from Big K

Fireplaces are not only used to create warmth and atmosphere, but they are also a focal point in their own right; and the way that you decorate your home can make all the difference between whether your fireplace stands out, or subtly blends with your decor. In this article Big K (who sell a wide range of winter fuel products for home delivery including wood burning logs), provides ten inspirational design ideas on how to decorate your fireplace to make the most of this feature year round.

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Feature Mirrors – A beautiful feature mirror hung above the fireplace attracts the light and draws the eye to this part of a room. While traditional mirrors with solid wood frames look elegant, why not be a bit more adventurous with your choice? Intricately carved wooden mirrors, Art Deco mirrors, ornate, mosaic style, lacquered and shabby chic distressed mirrors all help turn your fireplace into a centrepiece. Whether you have a contemporary or period fireplace, choose a feature mirror that blends effortlessly with the design to create a uniform effect. Mirror frames are available in a range of different materials including metal, bamboo, solid wood, and glass – only your imagination is the limit!

Stunning Artwork – Whether you want to hang a vibrant contemporary print above the fireplace, a striking period style picture, or choose a favourite floor standing sculpture to sit beside the fire, the end result is eye-catching. Again, try to choose artwork that blends with the style of your fireplace to create a beautiful focal point. Artwork is a great way to add personality and individuality to your décor. Although placing paintings immediately above the fireplace should be avoided (due to excessive heat which may lead to deterioration), certain artwork works well in this space. Browse through art shops to find an art piece that you love.

Wood Burning Logs – Although it’s not an obvious choice of décor, it is possible to turn wood burning logs or seasoned hardwood logs into a feature. Logs piled up in a basket by the fire, recessed integrated log storage on either side of your fireplace, or a wall mounted log store or gives a rustic feel to an interior and works just as well in a country cottage or contemporary home. Wall mounted log racks come in various shapes and sizes from minimalist styles to rectangular, round, triangular and quirky designs in solid wood or metal.

Candle Displays –Place rows of candles on the mantelpiece or group together large, floor standing candles in different sizes next to the fireplace. Having several lit candles within the fireplace (when the fire itself is not in use) is also wonderfully atmospheric on even the mildest of evenings, and makes your home cosy and inviting when guests come round.

Book Storage – This is something to think about in summer time when the fireplace is not in use. You can transform your fireplace into a bookcase, stacking your favourite hardback books and magazines in the fireplace or on the mantelpiece to create a library area. This makes your living room look homely and makes use of this feature even on the warmest days of the year. Place an occasional chair by the side of the fireplace and you have your very own reading corner!

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