Friday, 13 February 2015

Ten Home Decorating Ideas - Choosing the Right Fireplace for Your Interior

Ten Home Decorating Ideas - Choosing the Right Fireplace for Your Interior

If you are revamping your home this winter consider whether your existing fire surround will work with your dream interior….after all, a fireplace is a focal point and, as such, it should blend well with its surroundings. While you might be lucky enough to have a home with a beautiful period fireplace and want to base your décor around this feature, you may have a fire surround that is in need of an update. In this article Big K, suppliers of winter fuel products including smokeless coal and firewood for home delivery, gives the rundown on ten home decorating ideas and fireplaces to match.

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1 Natural

Natural interiors are very much in vogue for 2015, with the emphasis on materials inspired by nature. Solid wood or stone fire surrounds fit perfectly with this theme and, as it is a timeless look, your fireplace will last generations. Hang a driftwood or bamboo framed mirror above the fireplace to match the theme.

2 Romantic

Vintage-inspired interiors is a trend that is set to continue this year, with white distressed finished furniture and romantic style gilt framed mirrors. Intricately carved wooden fireplace surrounds look elegant in a vintage style interior; hang an oversized mirror above to add drama and interest.

3 Neutral

Decorating with a neutral palette adds elegant simplicity to an interior and is a look that is here to stay. Fire surrounds in neutral colours fit with most interiors and will inject style and personality. To make your fireplace stand out, why not paint the chimney breast in a different colour to the walls? Black or grey, for example, will stand out against a white palette.

4 Patterned

To give your fireplace even more of a focus, consider having a tiled patterned fireplace surround in blue or green. Continue the theme with patterned soft furnishings, and hang a print, containing your chosen accent colour, above the fireplace.

5 Ethnic

Interiors inspired by travel have been a popular theme for generations and have their origins in the Grand Tours of the 18th century. Carved wooden mantles are a good choice for this style of interior. Team it with zebra print footstools, wooden sculptures (placed on either side of the fireplace) and bold ethnic prints.

6 Rural

Marble or rustic fireplace surrounds look fantastic in a country property and work well with modern or traditional homes. Furnish with solid wood furniture or cosy, leather upholstered arm chairs to complete the look.

7 Minimalist

A small fireplace that blends effortlessly with its surroundings is an ideal choice for a minimalist home and provides a cosy feel, without being too obtrusive. Store your winter fuel, such as smokeless coal in an alcove close by.

8 Artistic

Sculptural, carved wooden fire surrounds add interest. Although not a traditional art piece, it can serve as a work of art in its own right, and is likely to become a talking point among your guests. Lay inspiring words above, painted on wooden boards, or a modern art piece to continue the gallery theme.

9 Traditional

Traditional brick or stone fireplaces, or wood burners, add a snug feel to a country home and will be the place to gather in the evenings. Add traditional accessories such as antique style lamps or brass fireplace containers on the hearth.

10 Eco-friendly

Fireplaces with reclaimed wood surrounds are becoming increasingly popular as more people strive to become environmentally aware. Decorate with up-cycled or reclaimed wooden furnishings and you will have an eco-friendly interior to be proud of.

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