Wednesday, 18 November 2015

5 Creative Ways to Store Wood Burning Logs

Have you organised your logs for home delivery yet? If not, autumn is the ideal time to stock up before the cold weather really kicks in. For convenience, Big K provide door-to-door delivery services of all winter fuel products, so you can make sure you have everything you need during the frostiest days of the year. If you have bought more than you are likely to burn through the winter, and don’t have a designated shed or outhouse for them, here’s five creative ways to store your wood burning logs, including some weird and wacky ones too. Only your imagination is the limit!

The Log House

An alternative take on the traditional log cabin, this arty log store/farmland feature has upstairs windows, a roof, chimney and floral window displays! While making an unusual and elaborate play-house from seasoned hardwood logs might be a little over the top for the average householder, it shows what you can do with firewood when you’ve got time on your hands!

The Decorative Store

An appealing feature in its own right, this eye-catching log stack is a common yet attractive way of commercially stacking logs. As well as being decorative, it's designed to capture people’s imagination and remind them to stock up on their logs. And, the good news is that resourceful types can recreate it on a mini scale at home! Click on the link to use Big K's handy, nationwide home delivery service for winter fuel .

The Garden Wall Feature

Multi-purpose but lacking in practicality, this versatile garden wall feature combines aesthetics with a clever log store for open air fires. Although it lacks suitability as a log store for the UK climate, it makes a great commercial or home garden feature. For more ideas for winter, see Big K’s products for year round use which include a superb range of high-quality outside kitchens and outdoor ovens. We also sell patio heaters to keep you warm during the coldest months of the year.

The Mosaic Store

This is ideal for crafty types keen to turn log storage in their shed, home or porchway into an art form. While re-creating a similar design to the picture above is possible if you cut your own wood, our Premium Kiln Dry Hardwood Logs are in uniform pieces – so you can do it on a mini, neater scale at home. They look great stacked in a log basket and equally appealing if you want a well-ordered stand-alone pile near the fireplace.

The Alcove Store

Although not overtly creative, this contemporary metal outdoor log stall is pretty and functional and is easy to top up and access. It’s set in an alcove with all the home fire accessories to hand, including a dustpan and brush and an ash shovel. If you have an alcove inside or outside the home, it’ll make the perfect log store. Just like the modern indoor fireplace alcove in picture below.

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